Ground up
and  Youth

Global multi-stakeholder partnership platform to achieve sustainable development goals

Cross-sector and cross-country collaboration in pursuit of sustainable development goals

Opportunity for Governments and private sector to engage with communities for a better future

Using Education as a tool to break the cycle of poverty and generate systemic changes for a more equitable world

Digital Platform to share ideas, actions and visions together to create a sustainable world

Wath the TEDx Talk by Saurabh Gupta,

CoFounder- Global Sustainability Hub

From Individualism to Collectivism



Community Members

Global Sustainability Conference

Two-day Annual Conference brings together multiple stakeholders for future collaborations necessary to achieve global sustainability

Digital Sustainability Workshops

Monthly workshops delivered by industry experts, scientists and world leaders and make use of the digital knowledge bank

Sustainability Consulting and Auditing

Consulting and auditing services to improve sustainable business practices for a better environment

Domain Specific Training Sessions

Half day training sessions to implement sustainability management system designed specifically for different domains

Community Speaks

I am quite motivated and surprised by your work. It inspires other countries and regions around the world to make changes themselves. We need to believe in these changes for the sustainability of our great planet.

Jhon Jairo Ocampo CantilloUNESCO, Columbia

I think that the project will be able to bring together all sections of society. Everybody will be involved in making the changes necessary for the world. I would love to work with you in the future.

Amandine DesilleFrench Embassy to Israel

I found it to be quite interesting as you mobilize different types of actors within society to enable sustainable development. This is what the world needs to do right now.

Charlotta NorrbySIDA, Sweden

It is an amazing message and programme. It is a great multi-faceted approach to reach as many localities and communities as possible. I would love to be an ambassador of the project and capture the transformation stories.

Omar AliFounder Ampersand International, Netherlands

I am inspired by the project and the way it translate facts into actions. Hope that you can change more people to do the same. I like the way you start from the people within the community.


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